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anesthesia for the pain - recommended?

PostPosted: July 21st, 2012, 4:36 am
by Scandinavian girl
Hi you all.
My doctor has referred me to a pain clinic - I have got an appointment there in September. I have filled out a pain schema and sendt to them. The doctor I will see there is a spesialist in anesthesia (don't know the term in English). I have searched a bit on the net to see what they can offer at the pain clinic. I see that many people write that they have received subcutaneous with cortison and anesthesias - and that they go there regularely to get more. This is people that DO NOT have BFS, but different kind of pain that they have not been able to treat/help in "normal ways" (physiotherapy, workout, excercises, "normal painkillers" and so on). So this pain clinic is "the last thing" the health system offers, when all other things have been tried before and not worked good enough. My doctor was not sure if they would except the referral, but they did, and I hope they can help me, but I must admit that my expectations are low.. I have tried all "normal pain killers", inkluded Neurontin and Lyrica (I think they only made my tingeling even worse), and Prednisolon, Tramadol, Pinex forte, Naproxen and so on... MY MAIN PROBLEM ARE PARESTHESIAS: pins and needles, feelings of thousands of bugs/ants, buzzing, tingeling, feeling of ice cold rain drops hitting me and so on. I take pinex forte most days for pain in low back, buttocs, legs and fingers, but I don't have constant horrible pain anymore - I had that the first 5 mounths (could barely sit). My questions is: do you think a pain clinic - the spesialists there - have something to offer me? Should I try subcutaneous with cortison and anesthesias if they offer me?? Could that make my symptoms worse?? I have had cortison in my hips in january (they pain was exstreme there then) but it didn't help, I think I only got worse for some days after. I so afraid to get even worse. Is it only time that actually can help, and will I "mess up" my system if I try their offers? I don't know if they have any experience with BFS, probably not since BFS is not a diagnosis in the diagnose-manual we use in Norway, and I do not have this diagnosis (but one neurolog think I have BFS - I had never heard about it before she told me about it - she is not from Norway - and my doctor had never heard about it). Have any of you experiences with a pain clinic? Do BFS "fit it" in such place?

I hope someone will anwer me - have a good day. Hugs