Thyroid function.

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Thyroid function.

Postby garman on October 24th, 2002, 2:00 pm

Just a quick question. I have recently seen my neuro for the first time since my fasiculations began over 4 years ago.. She did reflex and strength tests and assured me of the unlikelyhood of having a M.N disease, due to the fact of no weakness within the time period.
I have had bloods taken for electrolytic levels and they are going to check thyroid function, also an emg test will be performed on the 6/11.
Has anybody else had thyroid function checked and if so, what is the link between the thyroid and fasiculations.
Thanks for your time.

:wink: Gareth.
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Postby Brian_B on October 24th, 2002, 10:30 pm

Im not sure what the relation is, but I know when I first when to neuro they checked that along with some other blood work and the EMG as well as MRI
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Postby Arron on October 25th, 2002, 12:12 am

Yeah, they check just about everyone's thyroid levels when you first start twitching. If the thyroid balance is off, it can cause twitching and muscle jerking. Most people with BFS have no thyroid problems at all, so if yours comes back normal, don't worry much because you have been twitching WAY too long for it to be any kind of NMD. I would guess that you have BFS like the rest of us. :-)
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Thyroid levels

Postby Davey on October 25th, 2002, 3:38 pm

High thyroid levels lead to increased neuromuscular activity since the thyroid hormone effects cell metabolism. This effect can manifest itself in the form of muscle twitching.

Now I have low thyroid levels (which explained why I was tired all the time), so this doesn't explain my muscle twitching. Something else is causing mine. However, when a person presents with widespread twitching, a systemic (whole-body) origin is indicated. The thyroid would be just one possibility. Another would be an autoimmune reaction.
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Thyroid levels



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