Muscle twitching

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Muscle twitching

Postby Guest on October 24th, 2002, 11:55 am

Somewhat concerned here . . . 29 yo male with 13 mos. of muscle twitching. I tend to stress easily and have always been somewhat high strung. Had a totally normal physical in 9/01. After 9/11, I lost my job in fairly awful way and felt a tremendous amount of stress. I started getting rather violent muscle twitches all over, particularly in my upper body, back, and shoulders, and also my eyelids. They were constant and fairly strong for about two months and then subsided. I attributed them to stress. The twitches continue to the present day, though they feel much less intense. Sometimes I can go days without feeling more than one or two twitches, other days it's worse. I have never felt any weakness whatsoever and I still don't. I exercise regularly, and just did a 10 mile hike last weekend. Been experiencing tinnitus off and on, some tension headaches . . . I called my doctor several months ago and explained what was happening, he told me it was likely stress and not to worry unless I experienced weakness, particularly given my age. I have been having panic attacks off and on for no apparent reason. I'm due in for a physical soon, but I was doing some research recently and was terrified to learn about ALS. Then, I learned about BFS and felt somewhat reassured. In the absence of weakness (or difficulty swallowing/breathing/speaking), should I be overly concerned? Should I insist on a referral to a neuro? I feel like I may be suffering from some kind of anxiety disorder rather than any muscle disorder, but I'm not sure. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Postby Jake_the_twitch on October 24th, 2002, 5:53 pm

I personally would not insist on a neuro visit, let your GP decide on his own provided you respect his abilities. After 13 months even your GP would be able to spot ALS by watching you walk into the room. My situation is exactly the same as yours except I started twitching Aug 31, 01 so I guess I have 1 extra day of experience. (also add 10 years to my age) My GP said stress from the outset but since I had already determined that it must be ALS he referred me to a Neuro for reassurance. Two visits later everything is still OK. Insisting on a Neuro visit will just increase your anxiety and in all honesty they can't do anything for you anyways. If your twitching is subsiding and no weakness is apparent then you are suffering BFS as I am. If you have read a bunch of the posts you should be comforted significantly that it is BFS. Did your GP treat your anxiety?
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Postby Arron on October 25th, 2002, 12:07 am

I've had anxiety attacks since my early 20's and I can relate to how scary they are. You certainly don't sound like you have anything to do with ALS, so I wouldn't waste time worrying about something you have no real symptoms of. You really sound like you could use some help. My help comes in the form of a benzo medication, Ativan. There are lots of great Benzo's out there and they work wonders on calming down and over coming panic attacks. Klonopin, Xanax Buspar and Valium are other's. I would try to shy away from Valium in your situation. It is "old school", it takes too long before it starts working and it stays in your system too long compared to the more modern Benzo's such as Klonopin and Ativan. Personally, I really like my Ativan and I have used it for over 20 years with no side effects or addictions what so ever being that I take it "as needed" and not every day. I would talk to your doctor and ask him about getting some "help in a bottle". let me tell you, even the thought of just having the stuff, without even taking any, can help keep you from getting anxiety attacks. i know that I am fine when I have the little vial that I carry on my key chain, but when I leave my keys behind, I tend to worry a little, so simply knowing you have help anytime you need it can help you feel better in itself. I hope that helped you some. You are certainly not alone with anxiety and panic attacks and just like me, you can "out grow" them as I have. I don't get panic attacks very often anymore at all and I'm sure you can do the same. :-)
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