EMG question?

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EMG question?

Postby Guest on October 23rd, 2002, 6:27 pm

Hi, I was wondering what exactly is consider a complete EMG to know everything is real "clean"?
I had right arm and left leg done and they stuck me about five times in each. Is this normal amount? Do they usually test trunk,both arms,and both legs and the face? I am very confused on this. I have look but it never says what a complete EMG or aleast enough to know when your "clean"EMG was done enough to make sure.
Thanks for any help you can give,\
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Postby Asterix on November 26th, 2002, 8:43 am


Yes, it was a complete EMG :)
EMG is a very sensitive test, that will normally pick up signs of denervation
caused by ALS, even if done very early in the disease (i.e. no apparent weakness yet) and it will detect such signs even if only a few muscles are tested. (That's because in ALS, although the weakness onset pattern
is usually localized, the early EMG signs of denervation are generally
Signs of denervation include fibrillations and postive sharp waves.
Note that fasciculations alone are not considered as evidence of denervation, hence the EMG can still be pronounced "clean" if the only abormalty found is fasciculation.
There was a great reassuring article about EMG reliability posted by
Willie (a quote to a post of Jayman of the MGH forum) here:
(scroll down to Willies post)
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