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PostPosted: June 5th, 2011, 8:04 pm
by johnny999
has anyone gotten their DHEA levels checked ? I just remembered that my levels were pretty low for my age 2 years ago, and my doc at the time put me on 2-3 per day (didn't have Any health probs of any kind then). After about i year i stopped takeing it since it brought my levels into the normal range, BUT now i realize that the year without it could have been a factor in initializing my twitch mode.

One possible mechanism for twitching influence with dhea is the antagonization of cortisol (reducing cortisol-related twitching the higher your dhea level)

Also, I don't recommend anyone take DHEA without testing, it's a powerful supplement with many benefits, but probably wouldnt be much benefit to those with normal levels, and there may be negative hormonal effects (does your natural dhea get permanently shut down after discontinuation?)