EMG and weakness

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EMG and weakness

Postby Guest on October 19th, 2002, 2:06 pm

Well, after 3 EMG's, I am through!!! I have had bodywide twitching since 1/02, and hand weakness (both) since May or so. I had an EMG on my right arm and hand that showed what my neuro called a blip in my right hand (palm area near the thumb). I asked what it was and he said a fasic. I also have positive bilateral Hoffman's sign. Still, I was told NO ALS. How can this be?? I can turn keys, open jars, but also feel strain when doing so. My hands ache to drive, fold clothes, type, just about everything and anything I do. I have been to 2 different neuros, one local, one bigger scale.

I have had ALL of the tests possible!! I do have very mild cervical disc disease, but, was told this was not and could not be the source of my problems from 2 docs.

How can I be assured this is not ALS???

Postby Arron on October 19th, 2002, 9:17 pm

what you describe sounds more like Fibromyalgia in just about every way. How can it not be ALS you ask? Because it isn't. My question to you would be how do you figure it IS ALS? You don't have DYING muscle tissue and disconnecting nerve signal paths, you have stiffness and twitching like the rest of us and none of us have ALS, that's for sure. My left hand and arm get really stiff sometimes and don't respond as fast as my right arm / hand but they sure aren't weak, they sure don't have dying muscle tissue and it sure ain't ALS. ALS twitches are ONLY associated with ALS because of the dying muscle and disconnecting nerve signals. ANY other twitch or fasciculation, other than that is benign.
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