BFS and pregnancy

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BFS and pregnancy

Postby need some answers on October 19th, 2002, 12:40 pm

the doctor has put me on clonazepam to help me sleep, but before I was diagnosed with bfs my husband and I were trying to get pregnant. Everything I have read about clonazepam, advises not to take it if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, because it can cause serious side effects in the infant. Does anyone know what is a safe time to be off of this drug before trying to have a baby. I could really use some advise. I am only taking 0.5mg at night.
need some answers

Postby SoJerseyMom on October 19th, 2002, 6:27 pm

Don't know anything about the drug, but I wouldn't take a chance. Ask your doctor right away.
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Postby Arron on October 19th, 2002, 9:24 pm

You said you and your husband were trying to get pregnant. I'd like to know how HE is trying to get pregnant? Ha-ha! Ok, bad joke. I would call several pharmacy's (Long's, Walgreen's, Safeway Superstores, Rite Aid, Thrifty and so on) and ask several of the different pharmacist's the same question you posed in this thread. The advice SoJerseyMom gave is really good. It isn't worth taking a chance when it comes to a new life. Get some good solid answers from people who KNOW medications, even more than doctor's themselves know... pharmacists, and it's free advice with no appointment needed. Good luck!
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