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Neuro Visit- Update

PostPosted: July 29th, 2010, 10:07 am
by twitchinstinks
Ok So I went to the Neuro and my doctor only ordered an EMG for my upper body. I told him I had twitches all over and he said he could only test what was ordered. You know insurance and stuff. Anyway he said after my EMG/Nerve test that my muscles and nerves are good and healthy BUT he had to do the measurements and calculations to give me a final word. I am waiting on the final word. I think they know pretty much know while they are administering the test. He said words like healthy and good but did note that I had tender spots and symptoms of FIBROMYALGIA. Then he asked questions like are you of Cherokee descent and I say yes Great grandmother was full blooded. He said then do you have anyone in you family with FIBROMYALGIA and I said yes my aunt and she is from the line of the Cherokee's. NOTE- I am blonde and blue eyed. Wonder why he asked but he did. Anyway he told me to follow up with my family doctor and come back if she thinks I need too. He did say the EMG would pick up MND's and stuff like that and I said do you think Ihave one of those and he said NO. It would have shown up. I personally don't think I have fibromyalgia but I did tell him my dad had and was diagnosed in 1996 with BFS by the Medical College of Georgia ALS Clinic. My dad has gone through it and went through it for 2 years. He rarely had facial spasms and I do. But his were violent like mine. The doctor thinks he may have fibromyalgia or a form of it due to this Cherokee thing. I don't know what to think. I have no weakness but these spasms which have slowed down a lot are violent in nature at times and are all over. I have them in the ribs, the heal of my foot, my tongue. I am ok with them until they get my face and then I am nuts. My tongue twitched last night and my jaw. I shot straight out of bed so worried. Then I had it in my heal and arm. This syndrome is for the birds and it is driving me crazy and drove my dad crazy. I know things could be worse but it is the mental stress that wears me down. Any thoughts? My question is does a neuro really have a general idea when doing the test?