ALS or Cervical Myelopathy ?

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ALS or Cervical Myelopathy ?

Postby pinprick on July 14th, 2010, 4:16 pm

Check this out.
Exactly my case.
I just had a look at my cervical MRI and there is a big bulge between two cervical vertebrae only on one side and a smaller one on the other side with Osteophyte formation, center is ok, though not causing an obvious radiculopathy. The remainder of the spinal column is perfect (or almost), well aligned despite my 58 year old ... from top to bottom.
Neuro saying ... all normal. ???? :(
Either this is the problem (and I'm sure it is) and they are thinking
1- "This guy is not obviously in disability and it is preferable to do nothing and i will tell him it is an anxious disorder ... :evil: "
2- "Other peoples that have this don't have this kind of problem so it is not probably this and we wait (generalization despite the fact that particular cases exist depending on peoples )"

Either it is not and it can't be measured since those MRI are not powerful enough (wait to next generation 7 Tesla MRI) or under the resolution of any examination machine.

The symptoms of that crap are unpredictable (you can have nothing for hours then suddenly ... BFS shows up at any time of the day). This is exactly my case. I had a big electric discharge one time, just when getting up (?). I went to a hike an other time, move around a lot then nothing and in about the same situation (an other area hiked) ... bang a big e;electric discharge in the left foot with sudden fasciculations (?).
For me this is the sign of an encroachment ...

All that stuff started in 1992 months after i started to have a pain in the neck that radiated down my right arm to my hand.
So if it is that, it is obvious it can't cure by itself and rather aggravate as time pass. This can explain all those "flare up" we can have years after the first onset since as we get older this neck problem will go worst.

Have a good day and don't fasciculate, tingle and other crazy symptom too much :(

----- Story
By the way, i would like to know what is the use of Dr?
Either they don't know, either they have no solution ... or few

I have a friend of mine that had never seen a Dr for 15 years (!). One day he decided to see one, just like this, despite he had never been in trouble. And guess what ... they found a problem looking to the blood exam. They did a lot of exams, painful ones, and they never figure out what it is. My friend was so upset that he signed a paper to stop all kind of exam.
... then he went fine for the next 20 years! He met a girl that was saying, " you get older, go to see a Dr". So he went and guess what? They found the same trouble with blood!
He was referred to a specialist. Lot of exams (the same as 20 years ago ...) then she (the specialist) said "i think you have this rare disease but you don't have any symptoms of that disease" (lucky one ...).
Then all the crazy story continue.
Late news, he is suppose to die but he is still alive ... i asked "are you tired when cutting grass?", he said "No" ... he is suppose to be very tired because of that fatal illness (PNH, missing red blood cells).
One day, the specialist phone to the house and asked what he was doing. He was cutting grass. She said "stop immediately and rest" (????).
I will die before he die ... :lol:
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ALS or Cervical Myelopathy ?



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