Lyrica works ...

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Lyrica works ...

Postby pinprick on July 6th, 2010, 3:29 am

Taking Lyrica 400mg.

You have to take a pill of 50mg every 2 H because it clear up in the body in about 4 to 6 hours via kidney.

It works well on some paresthesia (tingling, burning, pins and needle), less on others (sudden "pin" pocked into bones).
It works also on twitches but it is more difficult to say because twitches doesn't hurt. I don't have a lot of twitches. Once in a while. This morning no twitches at all ...

As with anything nothing is perfect so it is not absolute zero in my case. For alsolute zero, increase the dose ...

You have to test yourself, you may need less or more.

You ABSOLUTLY also have to quit cafeine. Cafeine is exitatory. Drink decafeinated coffee if you want, it taste the same. No tea.

It is not adictive as Klonopin. Be carefull with Klonopin you will enter a withdraw stage when quitting (if you quit one day) ... and the withdraw stage is very hard (i had klonopin ... and i don't want anymore this crazy drug).

At bedtime i fall asleep very rapidly.

Drawback: It is expensive. 1 dollar for 50 mg approx and you have to have pills with you during the day ...
My personal view is that it not PN.
Neuron are firing in both direction (brain to muscles and sensory to brain) without wanting.
Some kind of "pré epileptic" state?
Something happens (some demyelisation? because of a virus ...)... then as "companion" you get that "crap" (all sudden effects as twitches, false cramps ... not constant ones as burning for example) and if you'r lucky you don't get it (all sudden effects).
There is may be also a small gene deffect ...
Lyrica works by increasing the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain and so calm down neuron
It has also some anti pain properties again peripheral or central neuropatic pains.
Don't exept any change at low doses. It doesnt work at low doses.
Test yourself.

Have a nice day
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Lyrica works ...



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