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ohhhhh please help me!!

PostPosted: June 11th, 2010, 6:03 pm
by blee
i am a thirty year old white woman. beginning last month my toes on my left foot began cramping horribly (and still does from time to time) then out of nowhere they started twithching and moving which later spread to my knee, long story short my legs from my knees down are twitching constantly rwhen sitting or laying down, and cramping in my feet and toes. the twitches arent huge they are tiny little bubbly pricks and spasms that eventually cause the muscle to hurt. this has been going on since monday (4 days) i rarely feel a twitch above my thighs, they are constant in my knees, calves, ankles and in the bottoms and sides of my feet. electrolytes are all normal and i cant get to the neuro until june 25!!! i havent noticed any weakness, a little fatigue sometimes but i can still walk two miles.... however the twitches are in BOTH legs, rarely notice them unless my legs are at rest. does this sound like bfs???