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Very, very common

PostPosted: March 1st, 2010, 6:10 am
by fox2run

I try to stay away from this site, as I am busy with other things than heatlh anxiety. I havent visited this site for a while, but I must say that Im a bit chocked over a coupple of posts that seems to spark unnescessay panic.

The best way to counter this, is to say how very common fascikulations are. If my brain - out of old habit - get a little park of panic, I just take a look on the feets of my wife:

viola - panic cured

Nice, fine fascikulations. Does she care? Noway. I mean - her husbond got them as well :lol:

We both live a boring, family-life with kids, work, house, boat and car. We just need a dog to be completely grey and normal... It wouldnt be possible with deadly diseases around the corner. I guess you are in the same situation. Theres really little point in being afraid for THOSE kind of illnesses. As the health-care personals on this site usually says: you dont have to look for evil diseases - they find you not the other way around. A doctor on this site looked -out of curiosity - after other peoples fascikulations. And the statement was something like 10% of the patients got them. T E N P E R C E N T. Benign fascikulations are SO very normal, that its almost ridicoulous. You just have more than average. Congratulations.