Have stopped twitching but now skin is burning

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Have stopped twitching but now skin is burning

Postby lindyman on February 19th, 2010, 5:21 am

Hi folks,

My twitches seem to have stopped. I thought this was a good thing right? Well, what's replaced them is a burning sensation on my forearms, thighs and feet.

The burning sensation seems to start around 5:00pm at night and then annoy me most of the night till I go to bed.

I've no muscle fatigue or any other symptoms that seem to point to RDS or Fibromyalgia, but can't pinpoint the exact cause.

A lot of sites on the net seem to point to this being anxiety-related. I guess I do get anxious about things...and, like when I had my twitches, the symptoms seem to "feed" off my anxiety. I thought I beat BFS pretty good by not thinking about it. Now I've a new "nasty" to replace it.

Anyhow, does anyone else with BFS have similar symptoms? if so, how do you manage it? My GP is sending me off to a psychologist for a 6 week program. I don't have a lot of faith in quacks...and am only doing the program to see if it has an affect on my symptoms. If not...I'm going to try and look into the whole vitamins and minerals thing. I've read that amino acids, magensium and B12 are good for the nerves. Has anyone had any success on them? I've just started taking a course of them but it doesn't seem to have much of an effect on me. I've even taken to taking ibuprofen and a glass of wine at night to see if this settles my brain. I don't have any aversion to taking prescription meds....just as long as they work! I've read that cloazepam is effective with the burning skin problem also.

Any shared thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Have stopped twitching but now skin is burning



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