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If I develop weakness from MS???

PostPosted: February 8th, 2010, 8:50 pm
by halah29
Okay, just throwing this out there...I ,once again, do have MS. Since I found out about MS last February I have been having the so called BFS my neuro says. Mine is pretty bad, well I guess reading all these posts from everyone here we all have it bad. Seriously, mine is everywhere not constant but it happens all day long. I figured maybe it was my I stopped taking it still twitching everywhere at rest on the move you name I'll twitch anywhere. My worry is this, if I do develop dome weakness from MS ( I am asymptomatic to date, thank God) I will perceive the other BAD disease that we all worry about even more than I do now..and I am just a huge ball of I can't imagine it getting much worse.

I am due to se my neuro in a few weeks. I did have an emg 3 months into the twitching. I guess it was ok..although I got a copy of the reading and it says mild increase in polyphasic feature which I thought was not a good sign. I guess it is due to my mild chronic pinched nerve in yes the famous L5. I want to ask my dr for another emg..hopng it will ease my fears..but I am scared.. but I can't keep living in this constanct state of anxiety it is really killing me. I'm so worried about these twitches I even stopped my MS injection to see if that was the cause but it's ben 3 weeks still twitching..

Any sugestions about the emg would be appreciated...