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Twitching ... and the sensory stuff?? PNH??

PostPosted: December 9th, 2009, 6:54 pm
by pinprick

I have few questions to the "experts" here (jro and others).
1- Lot of peoples talk about "twitches" and it seems the only topic about this "crap" en hence the word BFS.
Ok ... but what about the remainder ... tingling, burning,..etc
The name BFS is not real. It would preferably be BFTB ...S???
How could you explain all those OTHER symptoms.
Because of these "other" symptoms it means that not only the "driving" (brain to limbs) is attacked but also the other direction (limb to brain)?
Why we would be more "attacked" on one direction than the other? It is the same type of nerves.
In 1992 (my case) it was only in the "driving" direction.
Now it is mostly in the "sensory" direction (????).
I can't think some auto-immune disease doing a distinction on peripheral nerves.

2- PNH
As the name imply, it is Peripheral.
OK ... so why the internal nerves that drive the heart, bowel and much more are NEVER attacked. There is no illness (as far as i know) called INH for example for Internal Neuropathie (?). So mother nature has made those nerves that DO NOT PASS through the spinal column EXTREMELY strong so that no stupid attack can damage them and for the others ... "who care"?
Now suppose that with those Peripheral nerves there is demyelisation. Since they run inside leg, arms into the muscles and are not protected by bone, massaging those muscles strongly would elicit those twitches/tingling/ ...etc
And it is NOT the case ...

Because of all of the previous things i would tend to think rather that something is interfering with the transmission of the nervous influx in the synapses between nerve cells.
But it is NOT neuromyotonia since in this illness, muscles are fluttering (waving) that is not the case with that BFS.
I'm definitively not like in that video ...
... no wave, real twitches ... and the sensory stuff along.

Explain ....