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PostPosted: November 24th, 2009, 9:29 am
by indyguy88
Hey everyone, I have posted a few times and thanks to those that have responded. I started twitching in my calves in June 2008 and now it's everywhere on my body with the twitching, calves, legs, feet, nose, arms, back, butt, etc. Last July 2008, I had an EMG and nerve test done about 6 weeks after the twitching started. It was normal. However, the twitching has spread more now to everywhere. I last saw my neuro on Nov. 4, a few weeks ago. Since then, it feels like the twitching has become more intense and I've developed those knee problems where my knees are swollen a bit and something around my knees pops and feels like something is moving. My neuro still called them benign fasciluations a few weeks ago but that was before my knees went weird. I called his office yesterday and he says I could do a repeat EMG next month but with a different doctor in his practice because he's so booked. Do you think I should do this EMG or not? Seems like if he was really worried, he'd want to do the EMG himself. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks a lot for all your support and words!