Seeing my GP on Tuesday

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Seeing my GP on Tuesday

Postby raindog on December 14th, 2008, 6:27 pm

I have been getting increasing problems with sensory symptoms ...i often feel like i have 2 wet socks on my feet....really bad sensation of burning pulsating in my feet so much so its getting to the point were i feel i must take off my shoes.

Another problem is that I have also developed a patch on my outer left thigh that is almost constantly numb so much so when i'm showering it feel like cold water on that part alone when its hot.

My memory is also getting worse as i'm finiding myself very distant sometimes trance like ...people talk to me and i'm not listening to whats been said proper.... i find it hard to sit and watch a tv or a film etc...people have commented on this to me :oops: ....I'm also starting things/ jobs / chores and forgetting what i'm doing half way through.

On top of that i'm getting some severe urges to go for a wee....and i mean severe ...however i still manage to hold on till i get to a toilet...this problem can be intermitent.

Also had an episode of complete double vision out of the blue it felt like someone just switched it on ....wnen i put my hand over one eye it went and the same when i put it over the other...but when looking through both eyes proper double vision. This lasted for just 2 minutes and reverted back to normal as fast as it came on ...just like the flick of a switch. I went for my eyes testing and althought the only thing the optician found was an astigmatism she told me to see my gp hence my opointment on Tuesday.

Anyone else had similar problems

ps ive had all the common numbness tingling vibrating stuff for a while off and on too.
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Seeing my GP on Tuesday



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