The vicious cycle of weakness and fear

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The vicious cycle of weakness and fear

Postby nervousguy1 on November 1st, 2008, 3:35 pm

Being on the graveyard shifts again, i thought it was fun to do a little experiment. While being in the early 'anxiety' stages of BFS myself, its still hard to see the results of cause and effect. Here is the result :

01:00 AM. Weird sensations in my thumb. I started to test my strenght by pressing both thumbs as hard i can to eachother. I also started to do weird 'agility' tests like ramming buttons on my telephone with the affected hand.

02:30 My hand, wrist and shoulder started to feel fatigued and weak. I started to freak out and did even more test.. pressing ALL fingers as hard i can to eachother. Making fists as hard as i can. Sometimes one hand seemed like it didnt got as much strenght as the other; panic attacks ( YES! ) followed

02:45. I started to see more dents that i havent noticed while looking at that hand last week. More tests.

06:00 Pushups to measure the strenght of my hand/arm.. even more fatigued feelings.

I then went asleep. When i woke up, i had an extreme fatigued feeling in my left hand. All the way up to my elbows. My thumb feels stiff and aches all over. When i hold objects, it feels as if its weaker then on my right hand. Not to mention the tips of my fingers that hurt so much for pressing them to my other hand.

Results :

Fatigued feelings and strenght testing is a vicious cycle of cause and effect.

The cause : Fatigued / weak feelings
The effect : Strenght tests, which amplifies the cause. And ofcourse, anxiety

Ofcourse, this is not really what my mind is thinking on a rational level and im still doing strenght tests. But i will laugh at this at a specific point in my life.
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The vicious cycle of weakness and fear



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