Elbow thing spasm

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Elbow thing spasm

Postby bmich on October 29th, 2008, 3:28 am

Hello friends,

In general, I am much better from my symptoms, and also mentally.

Though I still have something that bothers me a lot. My elbows...

I am constantly staring at my elbow (right below it, on the outside) and I see it moving, but only when I stretch and, sort of, twist my arm.

It´s not a twitch, but more like a spasm, a contraction. I can´t feel it, but can see it. This happens mostly on the left side, but I also could see on the right.

This happens all the time, but ONLY when I stare. I stretch my arm and it starts after 3 or 5 seconds.. it bumps, moves, and again 5 seconds later, and then it may tremble a little bit, and it goes on.

My boss and girlfriend says it also happens to them, and I could see, but no way in the same amount.

I think this is the last step to have my fears washed out for sometime, but it´s been a long difficult step :)

Someone else has this? Could it be associated to my essential tremor? Maybe it was always there but never noticed, maybe it happens to everyone :)

Best regards

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Elbow thing spasm



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