What Happened Here?--and Now, Another Worry

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What Happened Here?--and Now, Another Worry

Postby MarkC on June 16th, 2008, 4:07 pm

Hi all--

I was gone for a couple weeks and man, some of the posts here have me on edge--again. After reading some of the posts on unclear test results, doctor visits, and the like, I could feel myself getting that knot back in my stomach as I thought of my most recent experience that I THOUGHT I could handle. I guess not. . . . :oops:

Anyway, now that the weather has warmed up (well, "hotted up" is more like it but grammatically incorrect) and I've been wearing shorts more, I've noticed a lot more twitching in my calf muscles, especially on the right side--my "dominant" twitching side. Some of the twitches are plainly visible but I don't necessarily feel them--that got me wound up. It's also not constant. During periods when the calf is twitching, I seem to be able to "recruit" them by poking or moving the muscle. Of course, this could be coincidental since the muscle is already twitching. When it's quiet, I can't recruit twitches--so I'm not sure what's going on. I have what my neuro dxd as atrophy--a dent--on my right calf; I freaked, he ordered blood work--all normal, so he said that largely ruled out ongoing atrophy or muscle disease; said it was brought on by nerve impingement related to disc degeneration at L4/L5 and spinal stenosis, confirmed with an MRI.

My calf muscles have twitched, like the rest of me, for over 8 months now. Normal clinical exams from my neuro (Dec 07, Feb 08) a neurosurgeon (April 08), a rehab specialist (also April 08--for my lower back problems), a clean EMG (extensively on both arms), normal blood work, and over 8 motnhs of twitching with no clinical weakness. And, if the dent is atrophy, it hasn't progressed an iota since I discovered it first over 5 months ago. Neuro told me in both December and February that I have a "benign syndrome," not ALS; neurosurgeon literally laughed when I mentioned my fear during my exam with him. They both said that if it was "bad," I would have had other signs by the time of the respective appointments--Feb and April.

Soooo, why am I wound up again? Yes, anxiety--I know that. But--is recruiting twitches "bad"? I've searched other posts and must be doing the search incorrectly, as I can't find anything that tells me if this is "concerning" or not. Am I actually recruiting the twitches to begin with?

I hate this. Just when i think I'm out, they pull me back in. I guess I am still not exactly at that point where some of these other posts don't combine with my own lingering symptoms to un-nerve me.

I'd appreciate any insights on this.
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What Happened Here?--and Now, Another Worry



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