Hey Board- Just a Question!

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Hey Board- Just a Question!

Postby TattooedMommy on June 8th, 2008, 10:56 am

Hey Board, Hows it going. I have been taking a break. It has helped a bit. I have had some decrease in twitches lately but funny thing is..my face flared up a bit on Friday. It was annoying. Especially the LEFT EYE TWITCH. (but I sorta find comforft in those because my neuro and from what I read said thats the most benignest twitch on the body basically) lol "meaning its common". lol
I have been doing things to get my mind off of BFS and everything. Getting ready for my little girl to be born...went and spent the night away with my cousins @ their lake house (BIG STEP since I have been on this BFS *** scare merry go round). I am back home today and some questions have set in. Soooo I am going to ask. Though Barts post pretty much answers them clearly. (BART has a great STICKY from his neuro visit that is next to my BIBLE). Ok, My questions that I have been asking myself that I can pretty much ANSWER myself but I'd like to hear it from you guys! :wink:

My EMG done almost a month ago (4 months into this) was RIGHT SIDE...down by foot..up through calve, thigh, above knee, then my hand (thenar muscle) and up forearm, bicept , tricept etc. (all right side). She declared at my right calve NO ALS!
She said I can tell you from this stick no ALS. I asked why "she said, well you claim your fasciculations are ALL OVER random places..legs being the most prominent and there is NOOOOOO abnormalities in your LEG). She said 1 small fasic...she caused by moving the needle but she said "See its benign and its in isololation didnt happen with ANYTHING else".

Has anyone just had ONE SIDE done or ONE limb DONE and explained to WHY they do the one side? Like I said I pretty much have the answer but it has weighed on my mind and just wanted to ask others.

I've read ALL OVER the net and on medhelp that ONCE you have "fasiculations DUE FROM ALS"...the EMG WILL SHOW ABNORMALITIES. (so what my neuro is saying is RIGHT).

I recently went through the "ohhh its not limb onset it must be bulbar", but my NEURO never EVEN entertained that thought. After reading Barts post I see why not. I am pregnant, very stuffy right now, a few days from delivery and I have a lot of exertion after talking- probably beccause a 7lb baby is on my diaphram. lol...

Anyhow. I just thought Id SHUT OUT that Question about the EMG since thats the only thing lingering. I've read on TELEMEMG.com or whatever that a complete EMG is 3 LIMBS and FACE and BACK. However , It didnt say if that was ONCE a person was having fasics etc. From all I've been told by neuro and have seen from others...A side of body, EVEN A LIMB, after fasiculating is ENOUGH!

Weigh in people.... Im interested.
Hope all is well. I have 15 more days LEFT til BABY!!!!!! Then I will DOPE myself up with the best and MOVE ON!!!!!!!!

Love, DeeDee
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Hey Board- Just a Question!



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