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is all this hormone related? should i see an endocrinologist

PostPosted: May 28th, 2008, 10:05 am
by wal97
Ok, I mentioned on a post before that my symptoms get worse during my menstrual cycle. I've perused other posts related to this on this forum and other women appear to experience the same thing. Now I don't think I'm going through perimenopause (as I'm only 28 years old ), but I've been wondering if my hormones might be out of wack nonetheless? I've experienced days this month with no symptoms and they have been around the middle of the month. About a week ago my symptoms started getting worse (twitching, jerking, crawly skin sensation, stinging skin sensations) and they were horrible yesterday, last night, and today. I started my cycle yesterday. Has anyone on this forum consulted with an endocrinologist or their welcome please!!!!