Strenght and weakness

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Strenght and weakness

Postby Capital H on May 21st, 2008, 2:13 pm

Perhaps I am calling for any Doctor in the house.

I think maybe many of us get confused between weakness and fatigue.

Recently I have come back from a stay away when I was barely able to grip and carry my luggage (I weighed it, obsessive that I am at 28 pounds)

Now I could lift it fine, but after a short while I had to put it down, too much pain. Now this is the hand that shows some atrophy (clinically recognised)

Now I can actually pick up a lot more than that weight but not hold it, so any Dr or Neuro carrying out strength tests by resistance will not find weakness as such, it's the ability to grip that is compromised

Now after twitching and cramps I am wondering whether for some of us fatigue is not a component of this condition.

I guess it is complex anyway, I came accross this article on CFS (once considered psychological) and genetically that is complex and not unitary ... 002458.stm

Guess there have to be some cross over issues for us. Anyone care to comment?
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Strenght and weakness



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