Re: Getting an MRI--Feeling down

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Getting an MRI--Feeling down

Postby c4110djh on April 30th, 2008, 10:03 am

Hi all. I know I've asked before about sleep starts (mine started last November) on and off. Last night they woke me several times, once with fingers moving, but a couple of times with my lips puckering and with me wrinkling up my forhead. These really frighten me. Does anyone else have them in the face area?

I've also been feeling lighteheaded, on and off (mostly on) for a couple of weeks. One day if felt as if I was going to pass out in the store. Waiting on results of blood work and talked GP into requesting an MRI. We'll see if the insurance company will do it. I'm worried that the sleep starts are lightheadedness are signs of a tumor. Anyone else have the lightheadedness? It's not dizziness...I've had that before. I'm still twitching and prickly, but don't really think, after so long that's anything. You're help with the facial sleep starts and light headedness would be greating appreciated. I'm feeling bad, I need encouragement to get going, my daughter's large wedding is in 2 months and my mother's ill out of state. Lately, I've felt so bad, that I can't go care for my elderly mom and wonder if I'm going to pass out at my daughter's wedding.....Struggling today. Denise
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Re: Getting an MRI--Feeling down

Postby MarkC on April 30th, 2008, 11:35 am

Hi Denise. FWIW, I had lightheadedness for weeks in August and September of last year. Just as you described--not dizziness, but I always felt off-balance, tired and ready to drop. My doc ordered an ultrasound of my carotid arteries to rule out any blockage; clean as a whistle. My brother is diabetic, so he ordered a full blood panel but again, all normal. His diagnosis, based on this and my repeated health concerns, was severe anxiety. I suffered from headaches and also had trouble sleeping, though I'm not sure I had the same problem as you describe. I started on Wellbutrin in mid-August; by mid-September, the lightheadedness went away. I note that this (as well as dizziness) is often listed as signs of anxiety; that may be your case but as I'm not a physician, I can't say beyond my own experience.

I had about two "normal" weeks, then, before my twitching started in the first week of October. The meds (plus this site) kept me from going ballistic (and lightheaded) again. Now, my twitching is way down (he doubled my meds in February--could be a factor) and a series of good neuro exams have pulled me out of the downward spiral. But of course, at the time, I didn't realize I was overly anxious, but as I reflect back, the lightheadedness came on pretty quickly as I worried about my health.

I think you're likely to find that stress is playing some part in your physical state as it did mine. If you had a tumor, I also suspect you'd have other symptoms that would have alerted your doctor.

Please keep us posted here, but, easier said than done, getting the anxiety under control will make a huge difference. It did in my case and I think it will in yours as well.

Hang in there,
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Re: Getting an MRI--Feeling down



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