Nenly Diagnosed - Need Help ...

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Nenly Diagnosed - Need Help ...

Postby 17LIVE on April 18th, 2008, 9:58 am

27 year old male ...

History of chronic low back and hip pain ... always the occasional twitches in my life, but MUCH less of often ...

Currently, very frequent (usually at least a few an hour) one-time, very short lasting (1-2 seconds max) twitches. I'd say 80% lower body (literally anwhere - arches of feet, top of feet, behind leg, calf, quad, butt, etc.) and 20% in upper body (few around face, shoulder, side, etc.)
While I've always had the occasional twitch every once in a while, these are much more frequent now for a little over a month. It all began with an eyelid that twitches for 4 days straight, then it went to my feet, then spread all over. One minute I may get one in my calf on one side, then my foot, then on the other quad muscle, etc. Completely painless, but annoying as hell.

I too have gone to the net to research, and well you know what I found ... won't even say it! It's freaked me out completely, and I have always been a very anxious perons anyways.

I went to GP for back/hip pain and these twitches, he did full blood workup and all was completely normal. I told him how I was scared of what I may have from the twtiches and he even did a full physical neuro exam - and all was completely normal. He said the twitches were benign and nothing to worry about anyways. He has since referred me to an ortho doc for joint pains- the ortho did an MRI of low back and several hip x-rays and I go back to him next week for results.

If the ortho can't really find anything with the MRI or x-rays, is it even really worth it to go to a neuro? I sort of feel not.

Any and all comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated by all of you. Thanks. (BTW - I've read the "BFS Nutshell" and it was good).
For some reason, I just can't shake worrying about these *beep* annoying twitches ... really does a number on your head!
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Nenly Diagnosed - Need Help ...



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