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Question about ayurvedic medicine

PostPosted: April 12th, 2008, 8:56 am
by MartinM
When I read one of the articles on peripheral nerve hyperexcitability, I saw that it listed one of the possible causes of it as ayurvedic medicine. This is an ancient system of health care that is native to the Indian subcontinent. It's becoming used more over here as an alternative medicine. I think it uses a lot of herbal type remedies.
Now when I was abroad in Korea last year, the humid climate caused my feet to sweat and smell really bad. So I was watching a lot of Oprah because it was one of the few things on the English channel that I liked, along with America's next Top Model. Dr ? was on. Answering all these health questions. One of them was a remedy for smelly feet. It was stick your feet in a tub of cold tea for half an hour for a week. I did this and it worked. But two days after I started to sweat from my hands. And within about a month I had full blown BFS (Twitching- and muscle fatigue etc.).
I never mentioned this on my last post because I was afrid that this had only affected my sweating function and wasn't related to BFS - Which may have occurred because I was anxious about the sweating. Also the tea was just applied sort of externally so I wouldn't have thought it could have an effect such as muscle twitching.

Anyway does anyone think that the tea dip could do the same thing as ayurvedic medicine, in that it could potentially damage your body, because both are herb related alternative therapies.
I realise this post probably won't be a help to many people.