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New and have some questions

PostPosted: March 6th, 2008, 1:12 pm
by gillian03
Hi there

First off Id like to say that these boards are a great help, its really reassruing to know you are not alone. I have no tbeen diagnosed with bfs, but i was wondering if i could get some input from you guys. Basically this all started about 2 months ago I had a really bad headache areound my eyes that wouldnt budge, I was really worried about it, I have health anxiety and it got me really stressed out, I mean I wasnt sleeping, mymind was ocntantly thinking something inmy head was gonna burst. Too be honest i think that I made it ten times worse with the worrying. Anyway i got a ct scan and everything was normal, I still didnt feel right and started to feel a bit achy in places although the headache has pretty much gone. For the last three weeks I have noticed the twitching, after about 2 weeks of the headahce i notice jerking at night as falling asleep but i put this down to stress, i still have this along with the twitchin during the day. The twtiching is not contant and can occur anywhere, altho it tends to be around my knee, my neck arms and hands. It is also worse at night in my bed.

I guess what i was wondering was if severe anxiety and a tired out body and nervious system can cause bfs? I have seen a neorologist befoe i got my ct..and although i did not have the twitching at the time, he did do the usual reflex test, i have also had several neurological exams with my gp, but not emg. I am obviously worried about ** and *** and i think this is making my anxety and twitching worse. Do you guys think this is cause for concern? My doctors seem to thing i am just really anxious. My face also gets tingly sometimes and my neck and shoulder feel tight all the time :(

Anyway sorry for the long post..any reassurance or otherwise would be really great,,,ive been on edge for 2 months and its a horribel feeling!! Im only 22 as wel but i know anything can happen at any stage in life.


..oh im in the uk just woindered where ur all from?