Twitching phases followed by pain phase...?!

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Twitching phases followed by pain phase...?!

Postby Nic on February 12th, 2008, 5:45 am


I wonder if someone experienced and noticed the same thing...

Some month ago when I was sitting in front of a doctor -again- told him that right now the twitching seems to be much less intense, however I have some pain (so many different kinds) instead. Normalized again during the following weeks.

On January 7th 2008 (seemed to be ignited by mental issues) the twitching was much more intense and affected the whole body and the face - usually it was in the calves 24/7 and single twitches from time to time everywhere.

This lastet 2 weeks. Got weaker during the 3rd and almost "normalized" in the 4th. Since then my calves almost stoped twitching, but my thighs and forearms (they both did 'never' really twitch!) hurt quite much. My calves always twitch and never hurt.

Anyone noticed the same?
Twitching since January 2007.
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Twitching phases followed by pain phase...?!



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