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Postby Capital H on April 29th, 2007, 3:40 am

Mine is a long long story and I have to admit I am not yet altogether sold on whether BFS is what I have

I suppose I have been bothering Dr's about some sort of health scare since my teens.

Indeed it was in my teens that I first noticed twitching, at that time I was also having blinding headaches (fixed by a prescription of eye glasses) and what I have since seen described as visual snow. I was scared I had a brain tumour.

In 1984 I had another severe bout of anxiety and was refered to a neurologist. Visual snow was a mystery to him (still is to everybody), and he disregarded my twitches as he could not see any at the time, tremors being more obvious. He suspected a thyroid problem but that came back normal and I left with the reassurance that I was not suffering from a progressive neurological disease.

As I have got older I have increasingly suffered with numbness in my hands and sometimes one of my feet. My GP has casually dismissed that as trapped nerves and a sign of aging. I had the misfortune to watch a documentary about Stephen Hawking, which started my panic about ALS

I was evaluated by a neurologist after this scare, and nerve conduction tests showed I had Ulnar nerve entrapment and carpal tunnel syndrome in both arms, but no problem with my leg.

I had an operation on one arm, and am not entirely happy with the results.

More recently I started having cramps in my legs. This time the GP refered me to a physio and this was put down to sciatica. I do have some pain in my back from time to time.

More recently still my left leg has been playing up and I have been getting pins and needles in my toes, and this is what drove my referall back to a neurologist.

Since then however I have seen a vast increase in twitching and tremors, that vary from quite violent kicks, to a constant feeling of vibration under the skin.

I have started panicing about ALS again particularly since I noticed my tongue quivering about a month ago, since when it has not stopped. This I noticed after I had lost my voice after shouting loudly. This time my GP said that she could not rule out ALS and could say nothing until I had been seen by the neurologist. This naturally sent my anxieties through the roof, where they have remained since.

Needless to say about a fortnight later I felt as if I could not swallow, and went to ER (it was a false alarm) and I have been nervous of speaking lest I slur my words. The ER Dr said that my swallowing was OK but he could not say I did not have ALS either.

Meanwhile my twitches have increased everywhere, and I have been experiencing more of them in my face which has been very uncommon up to now.

I have subscribed to a neurology forum which is what has led me here.

The latest news is that I saw an emergency DR again two days ago, who said that there was no weakness in my face muscles so it was more than likely not ALS which is the first re-assurance, however I don't get to see the neurologist until the 22nd of May, so I have plenty of scope to worry in the meantime.

In the meantime I have been prescribed lorazepam and I am due to see a psychiatrist next week to help with the anxiety.

Personally I would not call BFS if that is what I have benign at all given all the anxiety it causes.

One question, the Dr I saw a couple of days ago, said that the particular tremor in my thumb and forefinger could not be due to carpal tunnel syndrome?

Well to cut a long story short I woke up after last night, with low level twitches in my face, pain in my back and a very stiff shoulder which might be indicative of a neck problem.

So has anyone ever experienced tremors, or twitches that have been related to trapped nerves, or are the nerve entrapments and parasthesias an entirely seperate issue with me ?
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