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Postby Just_curious on July 8th, 2003, 11:32 pm

I know many of you come here to find out support for what is bothering you and I can see how a site like this can offer some insight into how you are not alone in what you are experiencing and feeling. However as someone from the outside not feeling what you all are feeling what can someone like me do to be supportive of a loved one at home? What kind of things do your loved ones do to support you? How is it that for those of you who spend a lot of time in this forum and doing research are you able to share your feeling with your loved ones? I hope these questions are not too personal but I am trying to support someone myself with this and I am just trying to understand how to interact more positively and supportive with the one I love.

just curious... :)
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Postby Dale on July 9th, 2003, 8:03 am

Good morning,

My suggestion is this: have your loved-one make an appointment with a neuro for a check-up & EMG. Assuming that all goes well, that's it. Get on with life. Your loved-one may continue to twitch, have the odd ache, maybe be a little more tired at times, but that's it. It's benign. No big deal...

Before I had my neuro appointment, I was "out there". My wife listened, was supportive of my fears & encouraged me to make the appointment with the Neuro. Since the appointment & the clean bill of health, things have been back to normal.

That being said, there are some individuals, who for whatever reason continue to dwell on the ALS scare, even after many appointments & clean EMG's. If your loved-one is in this category, get them to a therapist QUICKLY. Otherwise, your loved-one will continue to drive him/herself crazy & you'll end up being miserable.

Best of luck.


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Postby Arron on July 9th, 2003, 6:02 pm

just do what my wife does, she literally laughs at me and pokes fun at me with a "so what?" attitude when I point out twitches!

She just blows it off and jokes around that it's great, If I kick-off from this stuff, she gets the house, my cars, my holdings and the party begins! There is NO WAY I am going ANYWHERE (especially kicking-off from some benign thing) knowing she is waiting for the party to kick-off!

I am staying right here to make her life as miserable as possible while I am here, and pointing out all of my twitches, tremors and aches to her every step of the way :lol: Ever see Peg and Al Bundy on TV? That is us all the way :lol:

It actually does meke me feel better when she says "so what?" and that she has twitches to from time to time, just like everybody does. It kind of makes you realize just how overboard we are with this stuff when it is looked at in that manner.

Of course we are just kidding each other,,, most of the time anyway :shock:
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Postby Jenn311 on July 14th, 2003, 12:24 pm

Here is what you should do JC:

Whenever you go over to see her, fix her a nice strong glass of iced tea, sit down with her on the couch, let her vent, and tell her that you'll always be there to take care of her, no matter what. And a back rub would be nice too, please. He he he....

Love, Jen
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