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Neuro appointment

Postby Wolverine on January 30th, 2007, 11:07 am

Went to a follow up with my neuro today after all of the claen tests I just had.

He said everything looks fine with all of the clean tests I have had.

He also said it could be somehting orthopedic for my right hand weakness.

He still has not mentioned BFS as a possible dx.

He wants me to get some more bloodwork done and have a follow up with him in 5 months and do another EMG.

He said since we have not found the cause, we should keep an eye on it. Although he does not think it is anything serious.

I'm getting sick of all these tests. It seems like this doctor is a cover you butt dcotor and does not want to dx me with anything. It is frustrating me severley.

He also said I could go see a orthopedic and maybe get some physical therapy on my hand.

Frustrating! Maybe I should not freak about this but I'm sick of all these visits and tests.
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Neuro appointment



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