My message to all of you

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My message to all of you

Postby BFSer 2006 on December 22nd, 2006, 5:22 pm

Dear all,

Over the past weeks, I have trained myself to come to the conclusion that I have to move on with my life with or without twitches. I feel I am getting there.

I had a clean EMG and 3 neuros telling me that there is nothing wrong with me! What should I expect?! Should I stop living a normal life because sometimes I feel a twitch here and there? No way! I have reached the conclusion that I have to move on and stop being afraid of my twitches.

Coincidently or not, I hardly feel any twitch these days, which probably tells that I am a person who has anxiety problems. I have always had!

I do not know if have BFS, BCFS, Benign Fasciculations or whatever the doctors want to call it. But I do not care about it anymore! I have spent 4-5 months of my life worrying about this, and I think it is already far too long and exhausting! I am thirty years old, married to a wonderful woman and father of a beautiful boy. Life is too short, my friends!

This forum has helped me a lot! I found peace in here, as well as great people, especially, Sue, Jeff, Chris and some others. It is amazing how people in here, want to help and comfort each other. Our world is not so bad, ah?!

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2007 full of Joy and Happiness and NO FEAR!
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My message to all of you



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