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Daniel - He MUST love doctors!

Postby DanielDK on June 17th, 2003, 3:45 am

Hi guys!!

Just felt like telling you all a bit about my situation......hmm..... I' m going to have the most busy week now, touring the danish healt care system up and down - and believe me, it's not gonna be pretty ride! Haah....the danish health care system is a wreck - it's supposed to be one of the best in the world but have another try. Everyone is just a patient, a number, an object that needs to be sent home or away, at the lowest possible cost. I even had one doctor warning me about going and seeing a shrink, since he said that if you go to a psychiatrist, the government will note it down, store it in their files, and one day you wont be able to get a good insurance, retirement-plan etc...haha, I screwed him, I' m going to a psychiatrist tomorrow :lol:

I understand that funds need to be protected and used in a proper manner. The only problem though, is that I believe that the doctors should rule out any possibility, of me suffering from a central nervous system disorder. They should rule out any organical cause to my symptoms, before diagnosing me as a basketcase. Therefore, I'm going to Jutland - in the total other end of the country, which is around 200 kms away 8) ), to have an MR-scan this friday....My neurologist wont give me the necessary papers, so I' ll have to pay for it. Thursday, I' m gonna get an ElectroEncephaloGram (EEG) done as well. And maybe, just maybe, if they find out that theres nothing wrong with my brain and/or spine, I' ll be able to calm down and go on living normally. Who knows - maybe they will actually find something?

I have seriously started to wonder wheither most of this is just going on in my head. I'm constantly dizzy, confused, and my conscience seems to be tricking me. I dont want to be forced into taking SSRI's - not in my age. (18). But then again - they might help, but why am I then still so sure that this thing must be physical? Hmmm.....very worrying!

Everybody - thanks for listening (or reading)!


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Daniel - He MUST love doctors!



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