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Tongue weakness

PostPosted: June 6th, 2006, 1:26 pm
by 8am-automatic
I think I might of done something terrible to myself (again)
It started 2 days ago when I felt a weird sensation as if something was stuck. Anyway. Its started me on this whole bulbar ALS thing. Anyway... I dont have trouble swallowing or speaking. Its just my tongue feels a bit thick, and I keep almost biting it on the right side. Like snicking it with my teeth which is something I have never done before (I mean on a regular basis)

Anyway... the biggest mistake was when I found out about tongue weakness tests. You know... when you push you tongue against the inside of your cheek and then push in with your hand. My question is... how much resistance does the tongue take? How hard do you push to overcome the tongue? How strong are your tongues? (never thought I would be asking that) :wink: