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PostPosted: May 26th, 2006, 11:12 am
by carrilynn
I was wondering if wasting of the muscle could possibly precede weakness therefore you could still have had a clean emg? My emg was clean and i have no weakness at all. My left leg to me looks so much thinner than the other. When I have been to the neuro I have never taken all my clothes off so they could never have even seen it. Except for the time I had the emg but then it was all about the test not examining my body. I
I am having a really tough day. Bad thoughts again clouding my brain and I hate that. I am so not the same happy person I used to be I worry ALL the time. It gets exhausting. MY husband is eventually going to run out of patience in reassuring me I'm fine. He says I'm planning my own funeral and it makes him sad. I get so frightened and I am see a counselor and am on meds cause all the docs seem to think my anxiety is making everything worse. It just seems to unimaginable to fathom that your brain can be THAT powerful. My leg drives me absolutely insane at times I just want to chop it off. Sorry I am rambling just having a tough morning.