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Thank you all SO MUCH!!

PostPosted: March 25th, 2006, 9:07 am
by nessylou
Hi all! First, I want to thank all of you wonderful people who inquired about how my EMG went and who sent me IMs. I am very sorry I didn't get back to you all right away, as I have been trying to sort through all my issues and to start feeling better (which is finally happening! YAY!)!

I had to wait a week for the results of my EMG (even though they had them the same day) because my doctor went out of town. ALL WAS NORMAL!! My doc does not do EMGs and another doctor performed the test, so I had to wait (that was NOT fun). I spent most of that time trying to keep busy and staying off the internet. I am on Zoloft to help with the anxiety issues I was having and it is working wonders!!

I just wanted to say that this site and all the fantastic people on here have been lifesavers. I am still twitching, but since I have started medication and got my anxiety in check, it just is a minor annoyance. I can deal with the twitching, it is the disease fears and other mind tricks that were so taxing on my body and spirit. I hope everyone here is OK and coping as best they can! Believe me, IT GETS BETTER! If anybody ever needs any moral support, don't hesitate to IM me (just as I would never hesitate to ask if needed). Take care! Vanessa