The Worst Case Scenario

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The Worst Case Scenario

Postby Arron on March 25th, 2003, 12:39 pm

OK, so what is the worst case scenario with BFS? Let's see;
It is benign.

No one has contracted ALS from BFS EVER.

No one has ended-up in a wheel chair because of BFS.

Certainly no one has died.

No one has posted ANYTHING about not being able to type on their computer anymore because their twitches are so bad.

No one has been given any bad news about not being able to have children, not being able to walk, not being able to function as a normal human being and so on with BFS.

Now we have a scare with this "007" guy saying that what we have is a "fast spreading" disease that cripples you and it's called CFMA (which is a term for Isaak's Disease) and that we are all doomed. Ok right :-)

Let's humor this guy and look at the worst case scenario considering it is CFMA. Let's see. Hmmmm... has anyone been rendered helpless yet? Nope.

Has anyone been forced to quit work yet? nope.

Has anyone ended-up in a wheel chair yet? Nope.

Has anyone died or been bed ridden yet? Nope.

Is Isaak's Disease life threatening? Nope.

Have people had BFS for decades and are still functioning just fine? YES!

So WHO CARES what someone want's to "label" this stuff. Let's quit calling it BFS and call it Annoying Recurring Muscle Twitch Syndrome or something that "sounds" more scary. It still doesn't matter!

It really doesn't matter WHAT someone comes-on here and says THEIR doctor told them BFS really is. BFS, CFMA, ARMTS, Fibromyalgia... it doesn't matter!

Show me ONE... ONE SINGLE person that has been forced to not work anymore or forced into a wheel chair because of BFS or ANYTHING like that. No one can because there IS no one.

Let's see. Let's look at some other COMMON things people LIVE with on a daily basis that CAN render you jobless or unable to enjoy life. Arthritis, Osteoperosis, Diabetes, Crhonic Fatigue Syndrome maybe? and there are MANY, MANY more out there and I'll bet that some people on this board have arthritis and will get other things that CAN certainly render you unable to function (sometimes) as a normal human being, BUT has ANYONE with BFS been in that condition yet? Nope. So what's the big worry about?

Are any of you "worried" about getting arthritis? Probably not! Are any of you worried about getting Diabetes? Probably not! Are any of you worried about getting Osteoperosis? Probably not! All of these things "can" cause seruous pain and bodily injury, but they are treatable as well, yet we worry about some stupid little twitches that are benign and haven't hurt anyone so far? Come-on! Think about it. When someone comes-on these forums and plays the scare game, consider the FACTS and move-on!

If this was a "fast spreading" disease that "takes over your body", then show me ONE person that has been rendered even SLIGHTLY unable to do normal daily functions of life... there is no one! Trust me, this isn't my first day :-)
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Postby Carolmarie on March 25th, 2003, 3:15 pm

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Postby Nole on March 25th, 2003, 6:34 pm

Nicely put Aaron! Everyone go live your lives and stop dreading things that aren't going to happen!
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