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Welcome to The Support Group Forum

Postby JohnV on July 23rd, 2002, 10:40 pm

In this forum we hope to form an online global support group for those suffering from BFS or those close to them.

This Forum is intended to foster a place where those who are suffering, or know someone who is suffering from BFS can come to get and give support.

My hope is that through this forum you will be able to build friendships with those who are experiencing the same issues, problems and pitfalls in dealing with BFS in their daily lives. Let's keep this as our common goal!

In order to keep this a positive place, and to welcome new people in to this community, I would just ask that you respect each other's opinions, and try to encourage each other as much as possible.

Both the poster and the reader should try to remember that written communication is easily interpreted many different ways, so please also try to keep that in mind when interacting in this forum.

Attacks of a personal nature will NOT be tolerated. Please keep it clean.

Also, I would please ask that we try to stay on topic as much as possible in here, just too avoid alienating anyone.

Please refrain from off-topic discussions, use "The Lounge" for that.

Also, remember that behind every screen name is a real live person. As in real-life, people have many different motivations for posting the things they do. This is board is most useful to those in need when we keep the post on the topic of BFS. Ask your self before posting - will this help the person in need, and does this provide benefit to the BFS community?

If you need further information on Internet forums see this page:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_forum. For proper the etiquette to use in the forum see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netiquette

Also, if you are new to the forums, make sure you check out the old forum archive by clicking the link in the Main menu on the home page.

Thanks for visiting!

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Welcome to The Support Group Forum



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