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I'm making progress...

PostPosted: August 2nd, 2005, 8:13 am
by allmyart
Well, as a “new” BFSer, I’ve been focusing on making the lifestyle adjustments my neuro suggested I make. I’m happy (not really because I love coffee) to announce that I’ve been caffeine free for four days now. I weaned myself off of it to avoid caffeine withdrawal difficulties. I’m also getting more sleep, which is hard because I have night owl tendencies.

Even though my twitches/cramps aren’t severe, I feel tired or listless which I contribute to general anxiety. I’ve been calling in to work sick almost every week lately. I’m seeing my GP this afternoon so I’m hoping he’ll prescribe something or tell me how to manage my fatigue.

On another note, this morning I saw my first twitch (calf)! How’s that for a milestone? Thanks for reading!