Approaching 5 month anniversary (long)

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Approaching 5 month anniversary (long)

Postby whatnext on February 3rd, 2005, 7:43 pm

Hi Gang.

On February 6, I will have gone five months with no clinical weakness and no atrophy and no wild anxiety like I had last summer. My twitching has diminished almost totally or at least to the point where I really don't care about it any more.

My main issues continue to be transient perceived weakness (hands, arms, ankles, calves), transient muscle aches (here one minute, gone the next), transient tongue twitching (here two or three days, gone two weeks), and internal shakiness. I've had some sinus problems again lately, but I've been prone to that my entire life and will be so for the rest of my life. Sinus congestion can do weird things to one's equilibrium and stamina. I just weighed myself (without the new sneakers) and I'm up to 130, which is just 4 lbs short of my all time record. My appetite is better than it was before I got sick last June. I've found a great little local restaurant that feeds me lunches like my grandmother used to make. I walk out stuffed every day. I'd love to experience weighing 140 at least once in my life! :) I've gained back every pound I lost last summer.

Over the past two weeks, I've experienced a flare up of perceived weakness, aching, and shakiness in my legs. Of course, it's not visible shakiness, just that sensation. I can still lift weights and work my hand grips as always. I've not walked much due to cold weather and early darkness, but the last two times I walked I logged 3.8 miles and 2.5 miles with no problems.

Something especially shocking happened last weekend. I was having dinner with a friend from grad school and his wife and I was telling them about my experiences with anxiety and bfs and my fears of having MS and ALS. He then casually informed me that a man we'd both known, and who died about two years ago, died of ALS. I didn't even know that! I don't think it was more than three years from diag to death. Had my friend told me that over the summer I probably would have wet myself. The very next day in the Sunday paper was an article about a wheelchair-bound man who raised enough for another wheelchair-bound boy to get a customized van. The man guessed it...ALS. I must confess to having a slight increase in anxiety after these two events, all in one weekend too. Additionally, my mother had a breast cancer scare (abnormal mammogram and ultrasound. biopsy was negative, but they're keeping an eye on things).

Work is keeping me pretty busy as usual. My GP wanted me to "try" Zoloft for three months and when the end of that period came last month, I asked him if he wanted me to start tapering off or keep going. He gave me another 12 refills! I guess that answers that! LOL I'm not complaining though. Zoloft has been a great thing for me. It's not affected me sexually (not that I had much going on there before all this lol) and it certainly hasn't caused me to lose weight. I'm glad I'm still on it, especially after last weekend. It does fatigue me now and then though.

I'm dreading summer with its hot muggy weather. Has anyone seen a correlation of bfs symptoms with the seasons? I really hate hot weather.

I keep the following things in mind:

negative mri -- no MS
negative emg -- no ALS
clean neuro exams
healthy appetite
no weakness
walking 2+ miles without stopping
released from anxiety therapy
released from all doctors

Hmmm....let's see now. Moving aches and pains. Minor twitching. Transient fatigue. Minor shakiness. Stiffness. Sinus problems. Anxiety disorder. I think I'm in very good company here, right!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Oh, I forgot to mention something else. I met a girl on Yahoo! Personals (yes...don't laugh) who's a physician in Virginia. I told her my story and she totally related. She had a patient who went through exactly the same thing. He had an mri that apparently showed a "mass" and was told he was ill. Turned out to be a sinus infection! I hope THAT radiologist was fired on the spot. She also told me that SHE tested positive for HIV before finding out that the test results were wrong! She had anxiety like you wouldn't believe.

That's about it I guess. Let's all hang in there and deal with this condition. There are FAR worse conditions to have! At least this one has a name and is just what it says....benign....despite what our minds sometimes trick us into thinking.

Twitch, moan, groan, and ache proudly!
I will ultimately and completely crush, defeat, anihilate, and eradicate my anxiety so it cannot and will not do the same to me.
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Approaching 5 month anniversary (long)



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