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Anxiety and weakness

PostPosted: November 14th, 2004, 10:39 am
by Thia
Hello everyone- it's been a few months! I always wait until my symptoms are screaming until I visit, although I should stop by at least once a week for general reasurance!
I started a high-stress job in September and the twitching and muscle jumps stopped because my mind was so occupied. Now that I have settled into the job, my stress levels are out of control again, lots of anxiety (the heat in my house isn't working too well, either, and of course its Sunday and I will have to wait to call a tech to fix it---stress!) and my shoulders feel like I can hardly move them. I was turning a jump rope on the playground last week and my shoulders felt like they were burning up just from that simple movement. There is no real "weakness" as we all like to call it, but I feel fatigued and so bi-polar right now!
Thanks for being here, I just had to vent a little and get on with my life. Anyone have problems with tonsils and adenoids, by the way? I have ONE swollen tonsil and adenoid on my right side, but it could just be something passing through.
Thanks and best to all!