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Take me off the blood donor call list?

PostPosted: October 15th, 2004, 6:33 am
by LeeNC
I just want to vent about yet another bummer about BFS.

When I finally weighed enough as an adult to be a blood donor, I was proud to donate at our local Red Cross on a regular basis.

My BFS started in June, and I've said "not now" when the Red Cross called, thinking I'd soon get better and be able to resume my donor activities. Now that I've been around here awhile, I'm realizing I may not get better "soon" and should probably ask them to take me off their donor call list.

There's probably nothing wrong with my blood, but my concern about the possibility that an immune-compromised or otherwise ill person might somehow "catch" BFS keeps me from wanting to donate. Stupid, stupid BFS.

There, I feel better after whining. Have a good Friday, y'all!