Finger paresthesia

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Finger paresthesia

Postby jerry2 on February 3rd, 2017, 6:24 am

Hi there

I know this forum is almost dead, but there is no other forum like it, the other one is also with expired domain, so if anybody is still reading...

Many know me, I am the one that had twitches and all sort of wierd things happening a few years back. What helped was time and nothing else. My twitches are now better, but I still twitch too much, sometimes day or two on the same spot, but I would say it is like 90% better than a few years ago...

I thought that nothing can scare me so much again but here I am, scared again. Not immediately, no, but now it is 14 days with this strange phenomen and I can not see any reason for it other than MS if I am lucky or brain cancer if I am unlucky. Such things just can not happen "by mind"...

I have a pain in MP joint in left thumb for months. Ok, I am used to such kind of pain that lasts for months and then dissapear. Last time it was middle finger, the doctor even said it was trigger finger but without triggering and with pain only. I gor a bump on the joint and then after 2 years it dissapeard...

Anyway, 14 days ago I felt like a numb spot on my thumb (same as I have pain in MCP). It is not numb but in paresthesia, there is too much feeling not numbness but the feeling is wrong. It gets to the point of pain if I scratch it on some towel or something and feels like numb with tingles if I press finger on something (as one does all the time with thumb!). Around the nail it feels like frostbyte, nearly painfull, and the fingertip is with the tingling/paresthesia/numbness sensation that is quite severe. Interfers with my life.

I tried the tests for carpal tunnel and they are all negative. I can not see any reason why one would loose proper sensation in a finger for 14 days 24/7 without any improvement. Except MS would do something like that or brain cancer if it was pressing on the right nerve...

I am really scared again, can there be any other reason? This nerve sensation is physics only, if I feel wrong there must be something with the nerve or brain, right? You can not just feel this way and it is "nothing"?

I have a neuro appointment in 2 wees... But I feel like I did with ALS scare years ago. My finger is just ... in paresthesia for 2 weeks, I think it will never come back ;-(
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Finger paresthesia



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