6 years. Checking in.

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6 years. Checking in.

Postby moeSlow on February 9th, 2016, 4:53 pm

Hi, fellow twitchers. 26.5 year old male here. I've now been twitching for 6 years, I think. I don't know the exact number, but I remember freaking out for the first time in 2010.

I joined in 2012 after freaking out over my tongue. I nearly hit a breaking point, took pictures of my tongue, posted them here and was helped through my panic. It happened again 8 months later.

Well, my symptoms have changed over the years. Luckily, I don't twitch as much as I used to. At my peak, I would have thousands of twitching from head to calves, all day. Machine gun twitches, super fast, thumpers, hotspots. you name it. But now, I only get thumpers that go away quickly, and a weird tickling sensation on the left side of my nose that has been around a few months.

I was only seen by my GP when all this started and he just brushed off my symptoms, and so I've never had an EMG or even been seen by a neurologist for a clinical, and now, I'm just freaking scared to go to one or get an EMG. It's been six years. I don't know if I can deal with the whole process.

I'm just doing this day by day.

The only thing that freaks me out it my tongue. I have never gotten over that tongue since 2012. It burns. It has zaps. And it twitches. I think I see atrophy, but then, I don't know what atrophy is supposed to be. It's a constant, nagging fear. I record myself reading and think I'm slurring words, but not really, only just stumbling on words. I can pronounce them if I focus. I think I'm chewing wrong and getting food stuck, but not really, it's just food that's dry. Pretty much anything will set off my fear over my tongue. It's my biggest foe in life. How ironic? You're own tongue turns on you.

Beside the tongue, my right leg is the only other source of worry. Only yesterday I did a strength test. I stood on one leg and timed myself. Right leg, I managed to stand for 4 mins and 32 seconds, my leg was strained and tired. For my left, I managed 5 mins and could have gone more. That was a little worrisome. But then I told myself 4 mins on one leg is pretty darn good.

So, what I am saying is that it's difficult. For those of you starting out, don't freak out too much, and don't get too comfortable when the symptoms subside. Try to maintain an even keel, treating the symptoms as the 'new' way of life; this way, flareups won't freak you out.

I'm still coping, still taking tongue pictures, still fearing the worst, still having one of days when you feel crushed and staring into the abyss.

I don't know much about new studies, or scary revelations. I try to keep that out of sight as I'm certain anxiety and diet are the biggest culprit. I recently did a water fast for a few days and boy was it awesome. lol. My hunger completely destroyed all thoughts of dying or being sick. The twitches subsided to only thumpers now and then, and I was completely at ease. My god. Even a few days after, I was like in nirvana. I felt like a child. I didn't recognize my body. It felt brand new.

I think the water fast was incredible for resetting my mind. Though I still freak out, that experience is in the back of my mind. How completely indifferent I felt to my twitching. I just wanted to eat. That was my only concern. Twitching? What? Who cares? Do I care about the hair on my arms? Nope.

So, for anyone that is really in the dumps, try water fasting, if you are healthy enough to attempt it. It's rough like the first three days, but that rough experience clears your mind of any fear over twitching.

Anyways, there is my report to let people know that after 6 years, I'm still walking, talking, going to gym, and yes, taking pictures of my tongue, standing on one leg, and having dark, depressing days. This is life.

P.S. For the past 6 months I've been smoking some marijuana to see if it helps. Well, it does. BUT, it's rough. That first 20 mins is pure horror. Paranoia, dark thoughts, fear. Man, you are exposed, but after that, it's a few hours of pure calmn. I both hate and love it. lol. So, to those that have access, I say give it a try to see if it helps ease your day.
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6 years. Checking in.



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