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vocal cord

PostPosted: December 8th, 2015, 4:20 pm
by hawk78
I made a liar out of myself by saying I was not coming back. I have a question for the knowledgeable people on this forum. Recently I lost my wind almost out of nowhere. Last week i noticed my chewing muscles seem to fatigue and get sore. So, naturally, I starting thinking of respiratory onset coupled with bulbar changes to the chewing action. I have not choked and can chew food still. My question is this.... i had a pulmonary function test done and the reading was vocal cord dysfunction. Anybody familiar with this or does it make sense? I have trouble getting a deep breath from time to time and exercise is way too hard than it should be. Lying down breathing is also affected. Today, i have noticed throat tightness. My GP spoke with the pulmonologist personally about me because she is aware of my anxiety over MND. Was curious to get any thoughts of those people out there. It seems like its one symptom after another. Thank you

Re: vocal cord

PostPosted: December 9th, 2015, 1:25 am
by Yuliasir
Inability to take a full sufficient breath from time to time is typical for autonomous system disfunction we all have here. It often gets worse when laying down, and it may last for days and weeks, sometimes really exhausting. Your chewing muscles ache probably due to the fact your jaws are too tight (again due to stress, it is really strange to notice how jaw-clenched we are sometimes). I am not sure what kind of vocal cord disfunction could be detected on the pulmonary test, but as a vocalist I could suppose you have incomplete closure of vocal cords causing specific 'whistling' or 'rattling' sound when breathing. You'd be surprised, but this si also caused by stress :)