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My right hand/pinky

PostPosted: October 29th, 2015, 7:54 am
by Xina535
So - I posted a 2 year, 2 month update. Now I went to my hand surgeon to see what is happening with my right hand/pinky, assuming it has to do with the ganglion wrist surgery I had in January.

He barely looked at my hand, he just did some sensitivity tests where I told him it felt mostly the same, but my thumb and index fingers did not feel as "ticklish" as my pinky fingers (during that time he tested me). He suspects carpal tunnel in both hands and sent me back to the neuro for conduction tests of my median nerve on both sides (30-Nov is the appt).

But I went to him with these symptoms:

Right hand only - wrist pain around the wound, pain in the palm side thumb thenar (like as if it is overused and tired, cramping), pinky feeling "off" and clumsy, tingling feeling which when it is severe is a twitching I can see in my palm side thumb thenar, and my right pinky being colder than the rest of all of my fingers on both hands at times. My pinch grip is STILL not right, which was one reason why I had the ganglion cyst removed in January, since it could have been a possibility.

And he sends me for suspect of carpal tunnel on both sides?

I am slowly losing it now with my right hand. I fumble what I hold in my hand (a water cooker, a shower head, my hand dryer), and my hand will cramp up (not like "lock", but hurt like as if I just need to put whatever it is I am holding down). I fear that one day my hand will just "go" and I will wake up with a wrist or pinky drop.

I am THIS close to going to a self-pay neuro again to be seen sooner and get an EMG on this arm/hand.

I am closely holding on to the cold sensation of my pinky for any hope here, since this is the only real sensation I feel that I know is a sensation. The tingling I feel in my palm side thumb thenar....I can't tell if that is fine twitching that I can't see or a pure tingling. None of my hand goes numb with pins and needles, unless I am holding my arm bended for a long time or laying on my arm (which I think is normal). So when my pinky is cold, it is not numb.

Oh and it will twitch intermittently - not around my pinky though at all. Various other places, mainly my thumb area. I am still constantly 24/7 twitching in my calves and feet, mostly very fine to where I can see, but not feel.

Any ideas? Anyone experiencing or have experienced this? I tried to stay away for a bit for anxiety reasons, but I really need support and help for next steps here. Thanks!

Re: My right hand/pinky

PostPosted: October 29th, 2015, 8:45 pm
by guitarguy11
About a month ago, you had all of that testing done. You don't have ALS. You may have some sort of injury to your wrist, but you need to get ALS out of your head. Remind yourself of what those docs said to you.

I injured my right wrist a few months ago - I fell backwards horsing around with my son and nephew and landed on it. It bothers me more now - and especially after exercise. I think I almost broke the thing when I landed on it. My PT thinks it is a bad strain/sprain that I am not allowing to heal. Perhaps you have something like that?

Re: My right hand/pinky

PostPosted: October 31st, 2015, 11:32 am
by Xina535

My hand was not really tested. No EMG and no nerve conduction test. Just an epilepsy test of my median nerve and a clinical.
The EMG found a positive sharp wave in my shin area, and just because he couldn't find another one in one other muscle in my leg tested, they have to technically call my EMG "normal". I can't get this out of my head.

My right hand is getting worse. My husband tried to massage it for me with a pain/anti-inflammatory cream last night, and almost every spot he touched, including my dorsal forearm muscle on the other side of my wrist, hurt, and some areas were pretty bad. I am fumbling with everything now. Keys, shampoo bottle, folding clothes. When I hold things in my hand, my wrist/hand hurts and shakes and can't keep it up for long. Mis-typing more and more. My wrist/fingers don't really twitch, just time to time, but, my right upper arm is twitching more constant.

I read some stories I wish I haven't read, because some ALS patients had wrist or ankle pain (the kind that comes from straining and overuse) before being diagnosed.

I get some pins and needles and my pinky side of my hand gets pretty cold, so I am holding on to these things to get me through, but I know this is only getting worse, day by day. I think I have to go to a self-pay neuro next week. I can't live like this for a month.

Re: My right hand/pinky

PostPosted: May 6th, 2017, 9:57 pm
by dr octopus
I know it has been a long time but did they ever find anything wrong with your arm/hand?