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Leg weakness question

PostPosted: September 1st, 2015, 6:24 am
by guitarguy11
I have been twitching for about 14 months – but in my legs about 12 months. Most of the twitching in my legs is in my right leg. About two months ago, the right leg started cramping occasionally. The left leg does it some too, but the right leg is worse. I have started to noticed that when I hike or run and sometimes walk in certain shoes that my right foot will scuff more than the left and when I climb stairs the right toe seems to catch the stairs – maybe once or twice a day. Hiking my right foot tends to catch rocks on the trail a lot more than my left. These tend to be closer to a trip. Also after exercise, my right legs hurts a lot more than my left. Does this sound like THE DISEASE I DON’T HAVE presentation? I have a lot of anxiety recently about my legs. I have 7 weeks to go to my next neurology appointment Haven’t had a check-up since March. Thanks!

Re: Leg weakness question

PostPosted: September 1st, 2015, 12:50 pm
by HonkeyKong
Afternoon Guitarguy,

Just wanted to let you know that your symptoms mirror mine and that i just saw a specialist at Geisinger (8/27 - 3rd opinion) and Hershey (Penn State - Today... 14 month follow up). Doctor at Gesinger said there is no way in hell i have ALS, and the doc at Hershey said 99% not als but only 99 because she's not god. I get the twitching in the same spots you do.... forearm, wrist, thenar, pinky, tricep, upper leg and foot arches. I've also felt much weaker and my legs feel like jelly as well. You have seven weeks until you get official support.... my advice, get a hobby or activity to keep your mind off of *beep* while you wait. I took up bowling (at which im terrible), some video games, and hiking with my wife to pass the time. Not saying it's perfect as i still think about it everyday, but it will help pass the time. I also quit drinking which has seemed to help a little. Bottomline... the more you fill your day with... the quicker 7 weeks will pass. Godspeed and God bless.

Re: Leg weakness question

PostPosted: September 1st, 2015, 3:16 pm
by RIno468
if ALS was a concern (which it is) -- 12 months is a long time in terms of ALS not presenting other symptoms.

You would have fallen on your face tons of times by now.