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plexus brachialis syndrom

PostPosted: August 26th, 2015, 9:54 am
by German2
This is a follow up of my story whith hurting lower arms, declining muscles and loosing power in lower arms....(also some twitching/pulsating in this arm and complete limb movement in the night sometime...).

After seeing some manual therapists I today saw my ergo which I had not visited since a year. For her my problem was clear immediately: plexus brachyalis syndrom. My arm muscles are not innervated enough due to tight structures... I have it both sides and it seems to be caused by my high muscle tone in the back. When I move my shoulders, there is this ugly tendon krepitation sound....

I hope she is right, but I trust her somehow...she is like an old buddy, which I saw regularly for a while...My ostheopath is also sure, ist all comes from my "tight structures" but he was not so concrete.

But what is causing the plexus brachialis problem? It could be immune related..?