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bulbar fear increases

PostPosted: August 3rd, 2015, 1:49 pm
by wookiette
Hello everybody,
i'm now near from panic. Yuliasir answers me this we about my fear of bulbar symptoms but i can't manage with it and go and read lot in google (i know it is the thing not to do). I'm vary tired because of my 7,5 month pregnancy and lost contol.

I focussed since two weeks on the fact i'm a little "enrouée" (i think it says hoarseness?) from time to time, and i feel something that comes from the nose to the throat (maybe my sinusitis chronic or pregnancy rhinitis). So i focussed on it and think it is the first symptom, (since i have to clear the voice to stop it).
I have no problems to eat and drink and can read stories to my 3 kids without others problems.

What do you think of that ? Am i just focussing on something trivial you experienced too ?

For memory last months it was cramps, that disappeard with magnesium, and my randoms twitching since 2013 have almost disapeared too... in fact i can't have more than a symptom at the time !
Thanks for reading, i'm ashame of me being so weak.

Re: bulbar fear increases

PostPosted: August 4th, 2015, 2:26 pm
by RIno468
You are pregnant correct? It is common to have a lot of acid reflux towards the latter months - my wife had that a lot.

If you can read stories and people can understand you - you are fine.

I am not an advocate for self testing but move your tongue outside - to the left - and to the right?

Can you do that ? *Answer is yes*


Re: bulbar fear increases

PostPosted: August 5th, 2015, 4:10 am
by wookiette
thank you RIno. I avoid also self testing, but i tried what you said, but it's really easy, it's not a joke ?, i tried sayining quickly the sentence (in french of course) : "les chaussettes de l'archiduchesse sont-elles sèches, archisèches" and it's fine, and it makes my kids laugh ...
yesterday i had difficulties after dinner to swallow but my husband must have been in the truth saying it was fear that gave me this senstion of limp in the throat. I do not know to recognize acid reflux, i don't have pain in the stomach. I thaught it was sinusitis the sensation of somethinhg that is coming from the nose to the throat.
yesterdat i had a panick attack, the limp in the trhoat, but after a night of 6 hours without going in the bathroom i'm better this morning.

my big mistake was to go on the net, this forum is much appropriate to hypocondiacs. i took an appointment with neurologist on saturday at the american hospital of paris, but i will maybe cancel it. ill see tomorrow. What do you think about this? I never saw one, and i really don't know if it's better to see one (that scares me) or not (but i risk an other panick attack if my tireness comes back ...) . I don't know what's better for my baby too !

Re: bulbar fear increases

PostPosted: August 5th, 2015, 4:58 am
by Yuliasir
you do not need pain in the stomach to recognize reflux.

Almost all pregnant ladies have it due to pressure the baby causes onto your GIT plus hormones make upper piloric sfincter less tight. This is as much inevitable as having a big belly when pregnant.

acid reflux causes coughing after meals (sometimes quite heavy), hoarse voice (alsooften after meals), feeling of food stuck in the throat, painful swallowing with feeling the food is getting hard through the thrat, and sometimes pain in the back (beneath the patellae). All should be resolved with some maalox.

Re: bulbar fear increases

PostPosted: August 5th, 2015, 8:56 am
by wookiette
that's excactly what i fell, maalox is the same of "gaviscon" ? But what is starnge is that was not the case last week, i wonder why it suddenly appears ...