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Still stupidely worried

PostPosted: August 1st, 2015, 9:57 am
by wookiette
after period where i can stop interpret trivial things like symptom, i feel i do it again, maybe due to the end of pregnancy and the fact i'm tired, so i hope so ...
The fact is, some thing new (new il the sens of it doesn't worried me before) is worrying me about the disease we fear in this forum. I do not fear twiching (i almost not have them), i have accepted cramps are due to pregnancy, i must admit the supplement of magnesium imrove the situation. But i noticed since a few days it happenend to me to have a frog in th throat (i use an automatic traductor, i mean having a few second the voice made hoarse and need to caugh a little to clear). I have since years much or less a chronic sinusitis and then a flow in the back nose. But this makes me suddenly think to the description of an issue of our poor physerv (whom i wiwh he can be as well as possible) and then want to know if you think i mast have other symptoms with a bulbar form. The net tells about symptoms like voice becomming snarls and nassillarde ans i do not can know if it is the same than having ponctually frogs in the thoat.
You surely will think i'm stupid, but as i can speak to nobody of this (my husband can't stand it - and i undersatnd how it can be difficult to bear an hypocondriac-so i prefer not telling him about that).
Thank you for your response.
Particularly i'm admirative to yuliasir who never complains of anything and still respond. I'd want to be so. I tryied tio help in a general forum of hypocondiracs in french, but i can not treat with all subjects ...

Re: Still stupidely worried

PostPosted: August 1st, 2015, 11:52 am
by Yuliasir
Hi :) not so much responding for now but still here ;)

I do not complain becasue nearly all my symptomes are well described here and I always say to myself - hey. NN had that and survived, and YY had that and is still alive, and ZZZ HAD HAT THAT AND THAT, and still Ok :)) so would be you.

my dear. Almost any woman after pregnancy experience hormonal tyreoiditis, this is relatively recent knowledge, and even nore recent is the understanding that this is due to physiological mechanisms necessary for the baby to produce enough growth hormone/ This thyreoiditis makes us nervous, crying, tired (plus to our expected tiredness due to baby needs), and of course it makes that frog geelling and hoarseness in the throat.

also please consider this is NORMAL after labour condition, well expected, and it would last for about a yera, after which your thyroid slowly will get back to normal state.

Enjoy your bebe as much as it is possible



Re: Still stupidely worried

PostPosted: August 1st, 2015, 12:49 pm
by wookiette
Thanks yuliasir. I'm still pregnant in fact (but so bad in english :-) ) i'm will have my "cesarienne" (surgery to have the baby i dont know translation) 3 of sptember. I know from thyroisis after baby 1 (i'm expecting the fourth) in 2009 i had a second thyroid that appeared in my neck in addiction to the normal one (a surgery repeared thet of course) ! Now (during pregnancy) i'm in light hyperthyroidis (as my blood tsh analysis says). I try to apply your method of course but sometimes it's harder... i hope magnesium will help the box says it fits for moral and physics tired.

Re: Still stupidely worried

PostPosted: August 1st, 2015, 11:34 pm
by Yuliasir
and yet another source of throat ball feeling is high stomach juice acidity. Stress also makes our upper gastric sfincter (a lock between esophagus and stomach) to relax (it is really complicated chain of action, but it is so) and our acidic jiuce comes back to esophagus. Esophagus have not so strong mucous layer to protect it from acid, and the acidity of our sotmach jiuce id really high, it is practically strong acid. So you get a chemical burn, and therefore edema, and related muscular reaction from down to the top, and you feel the ball or the frog in your throat. It could be painful, painless, etc., but magnesium should help in two ways - as an antacide and as a micoelement to moderate your nerve signalling. Ladies on the latest stages of pregnancy are especially prone to reflux (becasue baby presses up on the stomach) so that is the most natuaral source of your fears than.

Wish you good delivery etc.